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NFC = a lot more than payments, but mag stripe here to stay?

NYPAY hosted its third networking event on February 23, 2011 with a sell-out crowd of nearly 60 attendees.  The topic, “Payments 2020: Crystal Ball into the Payments Industry” captured the imagination and generated plenty of enthusiasm.  I moderated the five panelists in a lively discussion that sparked plenty of interest in NYPAY’s next event, planned [...]

2011 – the year of NFC?

The Smart Card Alliance held its third annual Payments Summit in Salt Lake City February 16-17, 2011.  The theme was NFC and there was plenty of buzz and excitement. The message from Tim Attinger of Market Platform Dynamics was convergence, mobile as commerce generator and innovation vehicle.  NFC is not just a replacement for the magnetic stripe [...]

EMV in the U.S.

EMV chip technology and the future of payments in the United States are the subjects of a new white paper released today from the Smart Card Alliance Payments Council. The paper, “Card Payments Roadmap in the United States: How Will EMV Impact the Future Payments Infrastructure?”  I am on the payments committee and this thoughtful [...]

Guess What’s Coming to America? NFC and EMV!

  Guess What’s Coming to America? NFC and EMV!   I was fortunate for the opportunity to attend the Smart Card Alliance’s third annual Payment Summit in Salt Lake City last week, and as usual I am “charged up” by the experience of networking with colleagues who are all as passionate about payments as I [...]

Global Payments and Fraud Prevention Consulting Firm Keypoint Launches New Corporate Website. Introduces Deborah Baxley, Managing Principal

http://tinyurl.com/yz46x7l February 8, 2010 (AllPayNews): Keypoint, a global strategy consulting firm in the payments and fraud prevention industry announces the release of their new company website www.Keypoint123.com. The new website offers in-depth overview of their payment cards and electronic payments offers and related consulting services. New features include industry blogs from thought leaders and Keypoint Principles [...]

Industry-wide impacts for US deploying EMV to fight fraud

The Smart Card Alliance January 26, 2010 webinar “The Top 10 Reasons U.S. Should Consider EMV,” got me to thinking about the industry-wide impediments for EMV deployment. See http://tinyurl.com/yk7al8u. How big a problem is fraud in the US? US card fraud numbers are all over the board – somewhere between $2 and $17 billion address able by EMV. [...]

Top Ten Reasons the US Should Widely Promote Contactless to Combat Fraud

Top Ten Reasons the US Should Widely Promote Contactless to Combat Fraud 1. Foreign fraudsters are heading to our shores since we possess the weakest link in the global payment world – mag stripe 2. Contactless chip cards dramatically reduce fraud since transactions are protected by dynamic cryptogram 3. Transactions are far less likely to [...]