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How Africa is Leading the World in Mobile Financial Services Innovation

How Africa is Leading the World in Mobile Financial Services Innovation  (also published at Capgemini “Capping IT Off”) The next wave of financial services innovation will come from Africa.  This may be a surprising statement, but there are a lot of compelling reasons to look to Kenya, Tanzania and other countries for the “next big [...]

Achieving The Elusive “10x Factor” In Payments Innovation

With startups galore, how will new innovations gain traction? And who is leading them? Originally published May 6, 2014 in TSYS n>genuity Journal With 73 mobile payment startups launched in the first three months of 2014, it’s obvious that mobile payments are a hot topic. But the problem with mobile payments is a perennial one: [...]

I’m on the Radio! Thursday April 12, 2012, 2pm edt Mirror, Mirror on the Retail Payments Wall, Which Countries are the Most Innovative of Them All? – And What that Means to Your Business

Mirror, Mirror on the Retail Payments Wall, Which Countries are the Most Innovative of Them All? – And What that Means to Your Business To be broadcast Thursday April 12, 2012 2pm edt Hosted by Té Revesz We are seeing a revolution in retail payments, but would you believe that the greatest innovations are coming [...]

May 21 NYPAY Event – An Investor’s View of Payments: Opportunities and Risks

We have assembled investors, an analyst, and a serial entrepreneur to talk about opportunities – and risks – in the payments space.  Register here.  Té Revesz, consultant and host of weekly radio show Global Reach, will lead the discussion on: Sweet spots: What big payment problems are yet to be solved? What are the hot [...]

Mobile Payments – Seizing the Opportunity “Down Under”

A jam-packed audience of more than 80 Australian banking executives huddled to discuss the future of mobile payments in Sydney, Australia on November 4, 2011.  I had the privilege of running this closing session of FST Media’s 6th Annual Technology & Innovation – the Future of Banking & Financial Services,  The participants were eager to [...]

1 Million Acts of Payments Innovation: Intersection of Developed and Developing Markets

The mobile phone is the first ubiquitous communication device in human history, paving the way for the most revolutionary event in the history of finance. As a consequence, mobile payments are an unprecedented opportunity to address four billion people in emerging markets. On August 10, 2011, 300 passionate payments innovators from 27 countries ranging from [...]

One Million Acts of Payments Innovation Continues – with Social Media

One Million Acts of Payment Innovation “Social Media 3.0 – Opportunities & Risks to Financial Institutions,” responded to top-of-mind issues like “What’s the ROI?”  Some people say there isn’t one. Erik Qualman of Socialnomics famously says “The ROI of Social media is your business will still exist in 5 years.”  But, how do you sell [...]

Our Journey Toward One Million Acts of Payments Innovation

On March 22, 2011, we had an historical moment – One Million Acts of Payments Innovation. Four firms – Capgemini,Cisco, Payments Market, and Access Group – are committed to creating a space for leadership and causing acts of innovation. We realize that the payments industry is unique because it’s a network – unless we collaborate nobody can accomplish anything. [...]

NFC = a lot more than payments, but mag stripe here to stay?

NYPAY hosted its third networking event on February 23, 2011 with a sell-out crowd of nearly 60 attendees.  The topic, “Payments 2020: Crystal Ball into the Payments Industry” captured the imagination and generated plenty of enthusiasm.  I moderated the five panelists in a lively discussion that sparked plenty of interest in NYPAY’s next event, planned [...]

2011 – the year of NFC?

The Smart Card Alliance held its third annual Payments Summit in Salt Lake City February 16-17, 2011.  The theme was NFC and there was plenty of buzz and excitement. The message from Tim Attinger of Market Platform Dynamics was convergence, mobile as commerce generator and innovation vehicle.  NFC is not just a replacement for the magnetic stripe [...]